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Consider how beautiful your destination wedding will be at The Sunset Terrace at sunset.

Considering a unique destination wedding? For those in Ruidoso, New Mexico, Santa Fe presents a tantalizing option. Just a few hours away, Santa Fe provides a rich blend of culture and history that can transform your wedding into an unforgettable experience. Dive into the attributes that make Santa Fe a standout, with expert insights from the owner of the delightful Santa Fe event venue The Sunset Terrace.


Santa Fe was founded in 1607 and offers centuries of history. As one of New Mexico’s most popular destinations for tourists and art collectors, Santa Fe has that something special you may not find in other cities. Historic and boutique hotels abound, many of them near and around the historic Santa Fe Plaza.

Navigating the streets adjoining plaza offers an intimate encounter with eclectic eateries, art havens, historical museums, and boutique storefronts. Immerse yourself in the plaza’s ambiance, and you’ll feel the pulse of its storied past.

Santa Fe’s weather promises near-perennial sunshine, from frosty winters to balmy summer highs. When planning your big day, consider the seasonal shifts, especially for open-air weddings or receptions. Like Ruidoso, winter may bring snow, spring blooms come a bit later than areas at a lower elevation, summer is lovely with highs in the 80s, and fall colors make the city sparkle.

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Santa Fe’s allure lies not just in its beauty but also its accessibility. The regional airport offers a web of connections to hubs like Dallas, Denver, and Phoenix. Your guests can also fly into the larger Albuquerque International Sunport with even more connections and then rent a car to drive to Santa Fe or hop aboard the Rail Runner Express train.

For Ruidoso residents, the allure of a drive through New Mexico’s varied landscape to reach this destination only adds to the pre-wedding excitement.

The Sunset Terrace outdoor patio with lavender lighting at sunset may be the perfect place for your destination wedding.
The Sunset Terrace outdoor patio with lavender lighting at sunset may be the perfect place for your destination wedding.


Once you’ve decided Santa Fe is the city where you want to hold your destination wedding, you must decide on a venue. Santa Fe has so many choices to offer. What type of wedding fits your style: Classic or contemporary? Indoors, outdoors, or a combination? Are in-house catering services important to you? Is proximity to guest accommodations essential? Santa Fe’s plethora of choices promises to cater to all whims.

The Sunset Terrace stands out in this vibrant mix. Located at the heart of the city, it pairs panoramic plaza views with flexible event zones. Affiliated with iconic names like the Coyote Café and Santacafé, their culinary artistry is assured. The venue’s central position means several lodging options are conveniently accessible.

Quinn Stephenson, owner of The Sunset Terrace, says, “People travel all over the world to merely visit Santa Fe, so if you have an opportunity to get married in this majestic place, you and your loved ones will cherish that memory forever!”


The budget for a destination wedding forms a cornerstone for both the couple and the attendees. With Brides magazine estimating the average destination wedding at around $35,000, Santa Fe offers potential savings, especially when contrasted against more remote locales.

Along with selecting a venue, choosing the date is an important decision and will affect the overall cost of your destination wedding. Non-peak seasons like early spring or late fall could be optimal, ensuring savings as you won’t be competing with tourists who are coming to the City Different for events like the popular summer markets. Rates vary based on seasonality and the hotel’s vicinity to the Santa Fe Plaza, but the average hovers near $300 per night.

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For Ruidoso residents, a wedding in Santa Fe could easily transform into an extended getaway. Dive into its diverse offerings, from ancestral pueblos, iconic landmarks, art galleries and museums, and shopping, to gastronomic delights and culinary workshops. Nature trails or rooftop sunsets are other enticing options.

In essence, Santa Fe provides the perfect combination of culture, history, culinary excellence, affordability, and the unmatched distinction of a wedding in a city as storied as Santa Fe.

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