Ruidoso Weather -

 Escaping to the cool pines isn’t just a figure of speech. Every year thousands of visitors flock to the mountain village of Ruidoso to escape the heat of summer or enjoy the crisp, cold winters. In fact, one of the main draws that makes Ruidoso a year-round playground is the weather.

The summers are marked by warm, partly cloudy skies, while the winters are cold and snowy. Seasonal temperature variations tend to run between 28˚F and 81˚F. The hottest month of the year is usually July, with an average high of around 80˚F and a low of around 58˚F.

The coldest month of the year is generally December, with an average high of about 47˚F and an average low of about 28˚. Expect rain between May and November, with August being the wettest month.

If you’re planning a trip to Ruidoso, it’s always best to check with the weather service to find out what’s in store for you. Or, you can just take your chances and enjoy whatever nature throws at you. In Ruidoso, even the worst weather is milder than you might expect elsewhere!