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For those who enjoy outdoor adventures and nature’s beauty (or are on the lookout for gifts for someone with similar interests), the  Public Lands Interpretive Association’s online store is a go-to destination.

If you’re in or around Albuquerque, you can visit their physical store at 6501 Fourth Street NW Suite I, where you can buy everything from maps and guidebooks to unique gifts. Although the organization’s other branches offer a selection of items, the Albuquerque location is the only one that has the same offerings as the online store.

With holiday festivities just around the corner, this is an excellent time to shop for friends and family while contributing to a significant nonprofit cause!

The PLIA online store offers a wide range of pocket guides, like this one to the Backyard Birds of the Desert Southwest.
The PLIA online store offers a wide range of pocket guides, like this one to the Backyard Birds of the Desert Southwest.

What’s Available at the Online Store?

Although Public Lands Interpretive Association (PLIA) is chiefly known for its exhaustive collection of maps detailing Western U.S. public lands, their inventory extends much further. The online store houses a wide selection of books that cover various subjects like hiking and biking trails, recognizing native plant and animal species, area history, and finding gold in desolate landscapes. These offerings are at your fingertips either online or at their Albuquerque brick-and-mortar outlet.

But there’s more — the establishment also stocks easy-to-carry identification guides that serve as quick references for different kinds of flora, fauna, and even emergency medical procedures. These compact guides are a convenient addition to your backpack when you’re venturing outdoors.

For those eager to display their environmental enthusiasm, PLIA offers wearable items such as T-shirts, hats, and bandanas featuring indigenous wildlife. Their store also carries the much-sought-after “Advice from a . . .” bookmark collection, as well as greeting cards, coffee cups, and a miscellany of other keepsakes.

Children are included too — the store includes soft toy animals, kid-friendly literature, and a resourceful 7-in-one adventure implement tailored for young nature explorers.

Some of the wearable items that are available at the PLIA online store.
Some of the wearable items that are available at the PLIA online store.

Shop Online or in Person

For the most comprehensive range of goods, check out the website or visit the Albuquerque office of the Public Lands Interpretive Association, located at 6501 Fourth Street NW, Suite I.

The association also maintains smaller storefronts at other sites, such as the Smokey Bear Ranger District Office and the Santa Fe Bureau of Land Management. However, these alternative locations offer a more limited variety of products. You might spot a Public Lands Interpretive Association store in several of the visitor centers within the public lands.

Why Choose PLIA for Your Shopping?

When you make a purchase through PLIA, you’re not just buying items — you’re also helping educate and inspire other users of public lands. They are actively involved in several exciting projects, such as a series of safety videos, a virtual restoration of Fort Craig near Socorro, and they also organize tuition-free summer programs for middle-school-aged girls and educational workshops for middle school classes. The funds from your purchase go toward supporting these valuable initiatives and more.

Read about PLIA’s El Malpais Community Arts Program here.

About the Public Lands Interpretive Association

Identified as a 501 c(3) charitable entity, the Public Lands Interpretive Association aims to support public lands in Arizona and New Mexico by means of educational outreach and service.

PLIA collaborates closely with governmental bodies like the Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Forest Service to design, publish, and sell educational materials, products, and maps from visitor centers and affiliated offices. Additionally, they manage campgrounds within the boundaries of the Kaibab National Forest and offer visitor assistance via the Public Lands Information Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


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