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As a major cannabis supplier based out of Roswell, Pecos Valley Production (PVP) management sees the company as a perfect fit for its hometown of Roswell, New Mexico. Whether heading outdoors or teeing up on one of the city’s three great golf courses, PVP connects with residents and the community.

While most Americans may associate Roswell with space aliens and UFOs, there’s more to the Roswell lifestyle in this city of just under 50,000 people. That includes hiking, biking, golfing, hunting, and so much more.

“Overall, that’s why it’s a neat community to be involved in,” says Clinton Greathouse, PVP head of expansion and production. The company is also quickly putting the city on the map for high-quality legalized cannabis.

Outdoor Opportunities and More – Roswell Lifestyle

Other than sampling PVP cannabis, what else could be on tap for a trip to Roswell? The city is located in the High Great Plains of southeastern New Mexico, about seven miles west of the Pecos River and about 200 miles from Santa Fe and Albuquerque.

Outdoor enthusiasts can experience the Roswell lifestyle just a few miles outside of town where there are many great excursions to choose from. Bottomless Lakes State Park is 14 miles southeast of town. The water features a greenish-blue hue because of aquatic plants, giving the lakes a “bottomless” look. The lakes are actually sinkholes with depths of up to 90 feet. The park is perfect for kayaking, canoeing, camping, fishing, having a picnic, swimming, hiking, biking, birding, even SCUBA diving. Bottomless lakes - Roswell Lifestyle

Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge also offers another unique outdoor experience. The property encompasses 24,563 acres with grasslands, shrubs, sand dunes, brushy bottomlands, red plateaus, bubbling springs, and desert wildlife. The refuge hosts the annual Dragonfly Festival each September.

For a golfing getaway, check out Nancy Lopez Golf Course at Spring River. The golfing legend graduated from Roswell’s Goddard High School and won the New Mexico Women’s Amateur in 1969 at age 12. She went on to again win that event in 1970 and ‘71 as well before embarking on an illustrious pro career. Other golf options include the Roswell Country Club and New Mexico Military Institute Golf Course.

Shopping and Museums in Downtown Roswell

Colorful mural - Roswell LifestyleThose who enjoy shopping may want to hit downtown, where eclectic stores and antique shops await. Other popular spots include the Roswell Museum and Art Center with works featuring the American Southwest and the Anderson Museum of Contemporary Art for diverse works among 12 galleries.

PVP also now has a location near downtown, allowing easy access for locals and visitors alike. The venue even features a drive-thru and exemplifies the type of professional, high-end dispensary the company brings to its facilities.

“We’ve never wanted to make something look like a pot shop,” Clinton says. “Because that’s the stigma that people have with cannabis. So, we’re really specific with our existing locations and our new locations in what we’re doing to make them look better aesthetically to attract people to come in. If you come in and have never been to one, you’re going to feel comfortable.”

Space Invaders Too

While there is plenty to do in the city, a look back at Roswell’s “unique” UFO history can also be fun. The notion of being home to visitors from another planet dates back to July 1947. This is when a spaceship supposedly crashed near town and was covered up by the federal government.Plastic green alien next to flying saucer - Roswell Lifestyle

The Air Force reported in 1994 that the object was actually part of a secret nuclear test surveillance balloon. Despite that, many believers in the UFO theory remain. The incident even inspired the television show Roswell, which ran on the WB and UPN networks for three seasons and is now popular on Netflix.

The city has embraced “little green men” and the entire space invader theme as a part of the Roswell lifestyle. Visitors can check out the UFO Museum and Research Center with exhibits about what has become known as the “Roswell Incident.” Other UFO-themed tourist stops include the UFO Spacewalk, Spaceport virtual reality experience, Area 52 Tactical Laser Tag, and more.

The annual UFO Festival attracts believers from around the world each summer. Roswell even boasts a flying saucer-shaped McDonald’s. PVP gets in on the UFO fun as well, with billboards using the theme and a mural planned for the downtown location.

“We want to give people a good feeling that they stopped in Roswell,” Clinton says, “and bought some cannabis with some aliens.”

Pride in Community

PVP store outside - a good buying experiencePVP adds to the unique Roswell lifestyle environment. The company may have 22 locations across the state but works to provide a local experience. Being part of the community is important. In Roswell that’s included sponsoring 5K charity runs, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, blood drives, breast cancer awareness events, and more.

Clinton hopes those efforts let locals know PVP is more than just a business looking to turn a profit. He’s hoping to keep giving back to the areas that the company serves and also looks for team members in these communities as well — and that comes from the top.

“Honestly, it’s taking care of your own people,” he says. “Stay local, keep local. That’s kind of just how we do everything. That’s how we started here in Roswell and Chaves County. But in every county or city that we go to, we really try to focus on helping out, especially with all the philanthropy that we do across the whole state. That’s a big thing for us.

“And honestly, it all started with our dad, Gerry,” Clinton continues. “He really focused on helping the community, taking care of the community so we really want to continue that journey and focus on doing what we can from a company standpoint.”

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