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Feeling like you could use a little self-care? Can’t we all! Life can be demanding and it is important to take time to do things for yourself that improve your physical, mental, and emotional health. Remember that self-care is a personal experience, and what is positive and works for you may be different than what works for others. Check out some of what Ruidoso has to offer in this department and something will surely tickle your fancy. 

Flotation Station

Open seven days a week, you will find in Ruidoso the only premier float spa within 100 miles in any direction! The cleverly named Floatation Station has two available “DreamPods” that provide an exceptional floating experience. 

Receptionist Autumn Nunnally will have you convinced this really is the kind of stuff dreams are made of! “The main unique feature we possess is our sensory deprivation tanks, which we call float tanks. It’s not something you might automatically think of when you think ‘spa day.’ The sessions in the tanks provide clients a chance to allow all the outside world to float away,” explains Autumn. 

If you have been unsuccessful in finding pain relief elsewhere (they’re supposed to be great for back pain, for one) or just want a chance to let some of your troubles drift off, this is the place for you!

1309 Sudderth Dr.



Buddha Yoga

Recognized as both a studio and yoga teacher training facility, Buddha Yoga is in the Adobe Plaza on Mechem Drive and provides yoga and meditation sessions by donation. They take pride in the fact that their instructors are highly skilled and Yoga Alliance certified. Buddha Yoga works from the teachings of Krishnamacharya (Indian yoga teacher, healer, and scholar) and match the practice to their student’s needs, which makes the experience personal and valuable. Here they offer a regular class schedule as well as specialty classes and workshops throughout the year. Here you can reenergize and be kind to your mind, body, and soul! 

200 Mechem Dr.



Adobe Day Spa

Spend a little time slightly off the main strip in Ruidoso and you will find a quaint business by the name of Adobe Day Spa on Carrizo Canyon Road providing both massage and chiropractic services. Dr. David McMinn and his wife, Lisa, have been serving the community for the past 15 years and live by the motto, “look good, feel good, be healthy, and live longer” (all things that sure do sound awfully good). They feature a plethora of services, including facials, ionic footbath detoxes, an infrared sauna, waxing, and tanning. In terms of massage, they have deep tissue, couples (up to three people, which they fondly refer to as the “Trifecta Massage,” a tribute to the village’s nearby horse track), hot stone, prenatal, and even massage for targeted pain reduction. Don’t want to go to them? They offer a one-hour couples massage for $240 and will come to you (almost anywhere in Ruidoso) equipped with portable massage tables! 

616 Carrizo Canyon Rd



Blue Lotus Day Spa & YogaWomen doing yoga

If you are looking for an all-in-one self-care package, including opportunities for a facial, massage, private yoga session, and specialty spa remedies, look no further than Blue Lotus Day Spa & Yoga on Sudderth Drive. Their facility includes two floors and seven dedicated treatment rooms, a shower, a single-person sauna, and a 1,000-foot yoga studio! If you are looking for relaxation at a group level, they have a unique spin on the classic couples massage format and they can accommodate up to fifteen people at the same time. If you prefer to be in a private room, they can still host up to eight individuals within the same block of time. Be sure to check their website for specials and limited-time offers!

2810A Sudderth Dr.



The Soap Store

Perhaps you seek more private restorative time for yourself. In that case, The Soap Store on Sudderth Drive sells relaxation products to accomplish this goal. They have traditional bath bombs, salts, scrubs, sheet masks, and a variety of specialty soaps. One is the New Mexico Sunset cold-process soap, made to mirror the look of the sunsets in the Land of Enchantment with a blend of orange, plumeria with patchouli, amber, vanilla, charcoal, and about a dozen other fragrances! If you prefer a shower over a bath, they have plenty of shower steamer packages to choose from. They have products dedicated to targeting almost any ailment you can think of, such as migraines, stress, nausea, and even seasonal allergies. 

2501 Sudderth Dr.



Noisy Water Winery

Sipping a glass of fine wine is a time-honored tradition. In Noisy Water Winery’s elegant atmosphere, you can either participate in a sampling or just relax with a glass of wine at your own pace. Lynette Prelo, director of operations of Noisy Water Winery, shares, “It is an easy place to gather and feel a sense of community. The tasting rooms are relaxed, playful, and inviting.” 

They feature a wide selection of international-award-winning New Mexico wines and gourmet handmade cheeses. They surely have a wine for every palate, including sweet, dry red, white varietals, and, as an homage to our state, even a chile-infused wine! 

If you are interested in a more educational and guided experience, they offer tours and private tastings as well. The library tasting is a one-hour journey sampling their private supply of vintage wines for $40 per person. The Enchanted Vine production facility is just 15 minutes from Midtown Ruidoso and offers a one-hour tour of the five-acre property for $60 per person. This experience includes a tank sample, barrel sample, and lineup of wines from their flagship vineyard the Forbidden Desert Vineyard in Engle, New Mexico. 

Don’t forget right across the street from them in Midtown Ruidoso you will find The Cellar Uncorked, another Noisy Water tasting room that features reserve and vintner private select wines.Noisy Water is a family business, so when you visit our tasting rooms, we hope you feel at home! Many of our customers have started to feel like family to us,” says Lynette.


With all of these enticing self-care opportunities right at your fingertips in Ruidoso, don’t hesitate to take advantage of a little much-deserved “me time,” and take care of the most important person in your life. You! 

Story by Desiree Bustamantes • Courtesy photos

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