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Consider how beautiful your destination wedding will be at The Sunset Terrace at sunset.

Getting married requires a lot of decisions after you make the most important one: to say “yes”! Where to hold the wedding is just one of many and Santa Fe may be just the place. For those residing in Ruidoso, it’s not only a scenic choice but also a convenient one. Situated just a few hours’ drive away, Santa Fe offers a unique blend of culture and charm, making it a perfect backdrop for those in Ruidoso looking for a change of scenery without leaving the state.

Here are some key insights for Ruidoso residents looking to exchange vows in Santa Fe, with tips from the experts at the prominent Santa Fe venue, The Sunset Terrace.


Before the festivities begin, there’s some paperwork to tend to. Ruidoso couples can visit the Office of the Santa Fe County Clerk to obtain a marriage license. The process involves a $25 fee and presentation of a recognized ID, such as a driver’s license. This license doesn’t expire and is valid throughout New Mexico. There are no blood tests or waiting periods. Since licenses are valid through the state, you can also pick yours up in Ruidoso and take it with you to Santa Fe.

Consider holding your wedding at The Sunset Terrace in Santa Fe, where many have gotten married. Here, the patio lights can be changed to match your color scheme, with lavender shown.
The Sunset Terrace is an event venue in Santa Fe that has a patio with lighting that changes colors to match your color scheme.


Who oversees your special day matters. The ceremony can be led by an individual endorsed by a religious entity or a tribal official qualified to supervise weddings. Notably, there’s no red tape; they’re not obliged to register their credentials in Santa Fe.

NUMBER 3 — NAILING THE DATE for getting married

When setting the date, two factors are paramount: weather and popular Santa Fe events that may fill hotel rooms. Santa Fe’s climate is predominantly sunlit, though winters can be crisp. As January high temperatures top out around 41°F, and spring may usher in sporadic winds, it’s vital to be prepared. Summer, characterized by mid-80s temperatures, may disrupt an outdoor event with monsoonal rainfall. Many believe that autumn, with its mild weather and fewer crowds, is the prime wedding season.

Being informed about Santa Fe’s event calendar can help Ruidoso residents avoid higher accommodation rates and overcrowding. Major events like the International Folk Art Market, Spanish Market, and Santa Fe Indian Market are predominantly between July and September.

Find out more about holding your wedding at The Sunset Terrace!


Santa Fe’s rich tapestry of cultures translates into a plethora of attire choices. It’s commonplace, for instance, to see attendees at events like the Santa Fe Opera in both chic formal wear and relaxed jeans, possibly with statement turquoise accessories.

Your wedding dress code is entirely up to you. Whether you lean towards opulence or a cozy gathering, always consider the weather, especially if your venue is outdoors. Evening events might necessitate warmer clothing.

For brides opting for traditional white, remember the culinary-related official state question of New Mexico, “Red or green?” Picking between these chile options might have repercussions on your pristine attire!

Bride and groom's hands with wedding rings in her palm just before they got married.


Santa Fe offers a gamut of picturesque venues, from heritage-rich churches and opulent resorts to serene parks. And while Ruidoso has its own charm, a change in backdrop can make your special day even more memorable.

A noteworthy recommendation is The Sunset Terrace. Strategically located, this venue offers breathtaking views of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, complemented by versatile indoor and outdoor spaces. Given its association with famed Santa Fe dining destinations such as Coyote Café and Santacafé, a gastronomic treat is guaranteed.

As Quinn Stephenson, the owner of The Sunset Terrace, says, “People travel all over the world to merely visit Santa Fe, so if you have an opportunity to get married in this majestic place, you and your loved ones will cherish that memory forever!”

In conclusion, while Ruidoso is undeniably enchanting, Santa Fe provides a nearby, unique, and vibrant alternative for your wedding, making your special day truly unforgettable.

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