Cosmetic Surgeon - Profile of Stephen P. Stampp, M.D.
Dr. Stampp, cosmetic surgeon at Milk and Honey Body Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Stampp, the cosmetic surgeon at Milk and Honey Body Cosmetic Surgery in Las Cruces, New Mexico, opened his cosmetic surgery practice in 2021. He earned his medical degree from the University of Texas Medical School at Houston before completing his residency in general and trauma surgery at Lincoln Medical Center/Weill Cornell in New York City. Although he began his cosmetic surgery practice in 2021, he continues to practice general surgery as he has since he moved to Las Cruces in 2017.

As he provided general surgery services at various healthcare institutions, Dr. Stampp encountered other medical professionals who inquired if he could perform body contouring and other cosmetic surgery techniques. Seeing a demand for these services in Las Cruces, he resolved to make cosmetic surgery more accessible in the Las Cruces area. His decision to establish a cosmetic surgery practice there means that local and nearby patients, including those from Ruidoso, can access cosmetic surgery care without leaving their vicinity.

Dr. STampp, cosmetic surgeonTransition from General Surgeon to Cosmetic Surgeon

To extend his general surgical knowledge into the field of cosmetic surgery, Dr. Stampp underwent fellowship training at the International Society of Cosmetogynecology. During this time, he performed surgeries alongside two distinguished cosmetic surgeons, Drs. Marco Pelosi II and III. The senior Dr. Pelosi is recognized for his groundbreaking work in cosmetic surgery. Dr. Stampp learned from these pioneers in the field and applied the knowledge to his practice in New Mexico.

Dr. Stampp makes clear the difference between plastic surgery, which involves comprehensive reconstructive surgeries, and cosmetic surgery, a more specialized field where the cosmetic surgeon helps patients feel more comfortable with their bodies, thus improving self-confidence.

Dr. Stampp, cosmetic surgeon.
Dr. Stampp, cosmetic surgeon at Milk and Honey Body Cosmetic Surgery in Las Cruces, New Mexico

Patient Care Philosophy

Equipped with an acute sense of aesthetics and surgical competence, Dr. Stampp’s philosophy is centered on “female empowerment through body contouring.” He reflects that in the era of social media, “We all see ourselves and compare ourselves to others. That element of social media might be seen as unhealthy, but there’s also an element of those messages that’s truly empowering.”

He aspires to concentrate on the way women perceive themselves and to assist them in realizing the physical appearance they wish for. Initially, his patients primarily included women needing reconstructive surgeries after significant breast cancer treatments. Currently, his practice offers a wider range of services, with Milk and Honey Body Cosmetic Surgery specializing in breast augmentations, breast reconstruction, Brazilian butt lifts, abdominoplasty, and liposculpture.

Recognition and Leadership Positions

In 2020, Dr. Stampp was honored with the Golden Stethoscope Award for Excellence in Patient Care from MountainView Regional Medical Center. In 2021, Dr. Stampp received the Healthcare Innovation Award from the Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce.

He was the vice chief of surgery and associate professor of surgery at MountainView Regional Medical Center from 2020 to 2021 and managed the hospital’s trauma program from 2017 to 2019. Additionally, he earned the title of Bulletin’s 2023 Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Las Cruces.

Facilities and Hospitals

While carrying out most procedures at his own surgical center, Dr. Stampp holds privileges for general and cosmetic surgeries at MountainView Regional Medical Center and a nearby service center for patients requiring advanced care. He underlines that access to local medical centers fulfills his objective of prioritizing safety above all else. He states, “Safety comes first, and we consider price points after the safety goals have been met.” Alongside his cosmetic surgery practice, Dr. Stampp also owns Organ Peak Surgery for general surgery procedures.

Personal Interests and Hobbies

Outside his professional life, Dr. Stampp is a talented and published photographer, having showcased his work across five seasons of New York Fashion Week Runways and notable celebrity portfolios while residing and working in New York City. He has collaborated with renowned fashion labels and photographed numerous models. His artistic flair and deep appreciation for aesthetics play a vital role in his success as a cosmetic surgeon for the inhabitants of Las Cruces, Ruidoso, and adjacent locations.

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