5 Great Reasons to Go Green

Everyone knows that driving a fuel efficient car makes sense environmentally and economically, but why does having an eco-friendly home or business matter? What exactly does it mean to go green?

Choosing to adopt sustainable practices in your residence or commercial space signifies a commitment to an environmentally friendly lifestyle. This could involve major steps such as installing solar panels or minor ones like selecting energy-efficient devices or using eco-safe cleaning products. Below are a few motivations for adopting eco-friendly practices at home and in your business.

Enhance Your Property’s Value

Opting for eco-friendly construction materials when building a home not only conserves energy but also ensures cleaner indoor air quality. Over time, these choices can elevate the market value of your property, simplifying the process of selling it in the future.

Business proprietors can reap similar advantages while simultaneously fostering a wholesome work environment for their staff. Establishing a green workspace and adopting eco-conscious practices, including sustainable cleaning methods, may draw clients who share similar environmental concerns.

Increase the Value of Your Home or Business

When constructing a home, choosing eco-friendly materials not only benefits the environment but also reduces energy expenses and leads to improved air quality indoors. Over time, these sustainable choices can enhance the value of your home, facilitating a smoother selling process.

Entrepreneurs can enjoy comparable advantages, along with creating a healthier workplace for their workforce. Operating a green facility and adopting environmentally responsible practices, such as eco-friendly cleaning methods, can appeal to consumers who prioritize similar ecological principles.

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Reduce Indoor Air Pollution

Not so long ago, the concept of “sick building” made headlines as several employees in large office buildings started reporting specific physical discomforts that appeared to occur exclusively during work hours.

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Considerable research and effort were devoted to identifying the root of this issue. The majority of the problems stemmed from HVAC system shortcomings and architectural oversights, but certain cleaning agents used within these structures also played a role. Contemporary eco-friendly cleaning products have been shown to enhance indoor air quality, fostering a more healthful work environment.

The same principle is applicable to residential settings. By embracing green practices and reducing the use of hazardous materials in cleaning and home improvement tasks, you can significantly improve the air quality inside your home.

Performance Maintenance Incorporated (PMI) offers services and green cleaning products that can help keep your building clean and free of toxic fumes.

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Go Green to Save Natural Resources

If you go green by reducing electricity or natural gas consumption it can also lead to financial savings. Moreover, utilizing fewer natural resources not only benefits the environment but also minimizes the effects on climate change. Conserving water, a crucial natural resource, has become simpler with the introduction of low-flush toilets and more efficient laundry machines.

Harmful chemicals in certain cleaning agents ultimately find their way into our atmosphere and water systems. If you go green with eco-friendly cleaning products, you’ll avoid adding harmful substances to the environment.

Eco-friendly cleaning techniques involve the use of products that have a negligible environmental impact and don’t contribute to indoor air pollution, which can negatively impact human health.

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Improve Your Health

Numerous construction materials, such as paints and glues, often contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are harmful. These substances can lead to health issues like headaches and respiratory problems. Replacing these materials with eco-friendly alternatives and using green cleaning products can assure you of clean and safe air quality in your home.

Whether you’re building a new home or undertaking renovations, go green with environmentally friendly materials. It’s a wise choice and it will safeguard the well-being of all residents over time.

Reduce Waste

Embrace sustainability by minimizing construction waste, recycling unused materials, or repurposing them. In many urban areas, there are shops that offer surplus or previously used construction supplies. This approach not only benefits the environment but can also be cost-effective, as these materials typically are less expensive than new ones.

If you have old paint or other potentially hazardous items, it’s crucial to discard them responsibly. Most waste disposal sites offer specific days or locations for safely disposing of such materials without harming the environment.

Performance Maintenance Incorporated (PMI) green globeGo Green with Less Toxic Cleaning Solutions

Eco-friendly cleaning approaches involve the use of products that are gentle on the environment and do not contribute to indoor air pollution, which can be harmful to human health. Whether you handle cleaning tasks within your facility or hire an external service, opting for green cleaning is a viable choice.

Performance Maintenance Incorporated (PMI) has been collaborating with pioneers in the eco-conscious cleaning industry since 2004. PMI Green Solutions offers professional guidance on maintaining clean spaces in a way that protects both individual health and the environment.

You can find the PMI Green Solutions range at the Performance Maintenance Incorporated (PMI) store or in their online catalog. These products, identified by a green arrow symbol, are designed to facilitate the adoption of green cleaning and sustainable living practices.

PMI shows their commitment to their community’s wellness by reducing the amount of toxic chemicals and waste that contaminate the environment.

As they say at Performance Maintenance Incorporated (PMI), “Going green is not an all or nothing proposition. It’s about making eco-conscious improvements for the health and safety of all building occupants.” Start going green today!

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